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Trends to Follow In 2019 for Every Girl Next Door


It’s halfway through 2019, before you could realize. And before you start contemplating on the 2019 goals and resolutions you couldn’t tick off the list, know that even if you can’t keep up with the pace of the year, you can still catch up on the fashion trends of 2019. Spring has sprung, and summer is shining brighter than ever for fashion. So, let’s dive in and find out the best trends 2019 has to offer so far.

1. Shades of Lavender, Yellow and Neon

Yellow, lavender and neon are the colors that are in this year. Nothing looks more like summer than yellow, from celebrities to street fashion everyone is falling in love with the color this season. The runways this year went big on exploring the subtle shades of lavender, while neon has been finding its way in fashion in recent years and is here to stay in 2019.Find Latest fashion at


Patch work is no more your grandmother’s handy skill but a legit fashion trend that is dominating 2019. Mixing and matching fabrics of different colors, prints and textures, this trend definitely adds a quirk factor to the wardrobe. Patch works are bringing back maximalism and adding complexity to simple outfits. You can team up patchworks jackets and trousers with basic tees and go for a playful yet sophisticated look or go full on quirky and let patchwork dominate your outfit.


The centuries old tradition of tie-dying has evolved over time and 2019 has seen as its rebirth, bringing back the individual, rustic and handmade feel, of the technique. It is being widely used in everything from t-shirts, jackets, shoes, acid washed jeans to dresses. You can go for the traditional tie-dye ethnic wear – kurtas, sarees, stoles and dupattas that are easily found or opt for simple or complex tie-dyed western wear.

4.Feather and Fur

Feather Fashion
Feather Fashion is the new trend 2019

Thanks the recent events like the Oscars, Cannes and Met Gala, where celebrities were seen spotting the fur and feature textures, it is trending right now. Fur and feather add an instant glam and luxury to any look. You can ace the fur jackets look by teaming it with party outfits for the evening, or go for bold fur dresses and skirts. Feathery accessories like purses, shoes, earrings etc can also be used to add spice to simple outfits. Make sure you’re wearing faux fur and not animal fur.Find Latest fashion at

5.Fancy Flats

As women’s fashion is slowly but surely moving towards comfortable and practical fashion, this year has seen the basic flats being revamped and made fancier. Sure ,the high heels have their own charm, but flats are getting their glam. Flip-flops, mules, joothies, gladiators and the most popular of them all, the feels-like-nothing slides are trending right now. They can be worn with casual outfits and are currently finding their way to formal outfits as well. Comfy and chic, what more can you ask for?


A plain skirt or trouser can be elevated by a simple slit, giving that interesting peek-a-boo effect. Spotted on celebrities, models and fashion bloggers around the world, this trend is raging right now. Double slits, side slits, thigh high to extreme slits you can choose from various leg slits in trousers and skirts. The leg slit is versatile and can add an oomph factor to contemporary ethnic wear like kurtas, ethnic skirts and lehengas.

7.Statement Bags

Bags are the accessories of the year. There are many popular trends right now, from the eco-friendly and earthy bamboo bags, the double bag trend pioneered by Gucci to the wildly popular fanny pack trend; bags are getting smaller, practical and low-key utility. These statement bags are a must have this season to complete any look.

8. Snake Print

Taking a break from the usual leopard print, in 2019 snake prints is taking over. You can find clothing as well as accessories like chunky sunglasses, bags, stoles and shoes in snake print. You can wear snake print shirts, tops, skirts, dresses and trousers with solid colors like black, brown and white.

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