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Hacks for Monsoon Season

Monsoon hacks

It’s that time of the year when everything grows beautiful. If you prefer playing in the rains like a kid or enjoy the rains with a cup of tea and a book, you’ll agree that rains bring in freshness and joy. Everything is serene and joyful about this season. Well not everything, maybe? Having a hard time maintaining your beauty routine? Worry not this monsoon everything will be more beautiful than ever, even you. Here are some essential monsoon hacks to help you enjoy the season to the fullest.

Comfy shoes

Your feet are prone to fungal infections in the monsoon given the humid weather. It is important that you clean them regularly and keep them moisturized. They foot wear you choose plays an important role in preventing infections. Go for foot wear like flip flops, open-toe sandals and slides that allow your feet to breathe freely. You can even opt for the classic rain boots and style them in various ways. Avoid bellies and closed toe sandals as these can trap moisture and increase the chances of fungal infections.

Hair hacks

One of the most dreaded side effects of monsoon is definitely the frizzy hair caused by the humidity. You can fix that with protective and smart hairstyles like braids and buns. Braids can be done in various ways like fishtail, Dutch braids, waterfall, side braids, French braids etc. You can use hair accessories like bandanas and scarves that protect your hair from the humidity and at the same time create trendy looks.


Eyes too are prone to infections in the rainy season. To keep them safe you can go for trendy glasses. You can either opt for chic sunglasses or powerless frames that can give you a nerdy-cool look. There are a wide range of glasses available from fun and quirky ones to large and chunky styles. You can choose from various sizes and colors. They add ounces to your style and at the same time serve the purpose of protection.

Waterproof light fabrics

Light fabrics for Monsoon

Light fabrics for Monsoon

This hack is a no-brainier, one which probably your parents kept telling you all your childhood. Opt for fabrics that dry off easily and are light like rayon, cotton and linen. Because of the humidity you need fabrics that are breathable and light to help your skin breathe easily and to keep you away from any potential skin infections. Avoid heavy fabrics like polyester and velvet that could make you feel stuffy.

Minimal makeup

It’s time to stock up on waterproof makeup. Opt for makeup products that last longer and are waterproof. You can go for matte products like lipsticks and eyeliners. Go for  minimal make up as it will help your skin breathe in the humidity. Avoid heavy makeup as it will not last long and will clog your pores in the humidity.

Enjoy this season`s monsoon with these hacks and with us only at

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